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Some may not understand the profound loss a person feels when a beloved pet passes. Here at Cimarron we do. Our personal pets are family members as well. While we cannot bring your pet back our desire is to help at this time of grief and sorrow.
Since 1988 we have offered the Lubbock community a variety of pet burial services  as well as the addition of our private pet crematory in 1996. From private cremations to gravesite locations, your pet will be laid to rest in a gentle, respectful and dignified manner. Our private cremations are strictly individual, one at a time. Your pets remains will be returned to you within a few days in an attractive velvet pouch unless you desire to choose from our elegant selection of brass or wooden urns. If you choose to provide your own container we will certainly place your pets remains inside it for you. Current cremation charges for pets 50 pounds or less are $70.00 plus $2.00 per pound. For your larger pet the cremation charge is $120.00 plus $1.00 per pound. We have added the additional service of professional engraving so we can provide you with package services that include an elegant oak or walnut urn engraved with the name of your pet and another line of sentiment you may like to include for a reasonable price. We accept Mastercard,Visa,Discover and American Express for your convience.
Our private burials can be arranged for $200.00 plus $2.00 per pound. You may provide your pets casket or container yourself (please check with our staff to verify approved  size dimensions) or we can have this custom made for you at an additional cost. Concrete vaults and cremains burials can also be arranged. Please take into consideration that special request items take additional time. Feel free to call 806-438-8994 for accurate quotes. We are available 24/7.