We care for your special friend.
Cimarron Pet Cemetery & Crematory
5903 Cr 7700 (178th st.)
Lubbock, Texas 79424
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Established in 1988 Cimarron Pet Cemetery is family owned and operated in the southwest corner of Lubbock County approximately 1 mile west of Slide Road on County Road 7700, soon to become 178th street.

5903 178th Street
(County Road 7700)

2016 is the 20th year of operation for the crematory and the 27th year for the cemetery. Cimarron Pet Cemetery was established in 1988 and has been continuously providing animal after life services to over 3,000 companion animals. We are extremely proud of this service.

Since its inception, the crematory has provided services for over 20,000 animals. Operating as a backup for other regional crematories, and since we only do individual cremations, on rare instances, wait times can extend out to 10 days. 
For 2016, our base rate for cremations will be reduced to $50. The per pound rate will increase to $1.50. For example a 10 pound cat will now cost $65 versus $135, or a 52% reduction in costs to the pet's owner. A 20 pound dog will cost $80, versus $145, resulting in a 45% reduction.   A rate cap has been established at $275.00, in other words, your cost will not exceed $275.00 for the standard crematory service.

We accept Visa,American Express,Mastercard and Discover.

Burials will remain at $145 and $2 per pound, which includes the burial privileges. Temporary markers are provided at no additional charge, as well as continued ground maintenance (subject to accessibility).

Throughout 2016, additional programs, products, and services will be announced. Follow us on the web:

As always, we will continue to provided free of charge, crematory and burial services to all regional active and retired military and law enforcement service canines.